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Strider Labs

Improving Cloud Conferencing Experience since 2018

Strider Labs - The Technology company that understands you.

Strider Labs focuses on giving you the freedom to choose your preferred equipment vendor or cloud service, provider. We made it affordable, simple to install, and easy to use and maintain. Time to move up to the next generation of collaboration systems.


Strider Labs helps users to get a much more professional meeting experience when using your favorite cloud conference software like Zoom, WebEx, Go-To-Meeting & Microsoft teams as well as making sure Everyone is in the room is captured properly while using the cameras and audio device. 

From ad-hoc personal video conference meetings to conference rooms & board rooms, STRIDER LABS is the best-in-class option for any industry or organization that relies on teamwork and collaboration to be successful.

Orion Series

The Orion series range of best video conferencing cameras from STRIDER LABS includes both full HD (1080p) as well as ultra HD (4K) cameras which can be chosen as per your meeting room requirement.
The Orion series has cameras suitable for any size of the room (small/medium/large/very large).

The innovative video conference cameras solutions from STRIDER LABS are light, classic, and elegant. Multiple color options available, so it blends in well with other equipment and furniture in all kinds of workspace.

Zuko Series

The Zuko series includes both wired and wireless audio (mic/speaker) systems made to suit the need of your conference rooms.

Powered by the new SIREN ®audio processing algorithm, it gives high coverage as well as a long pickup for your audio.
The innovative audio solutions from STRIDER LABS are light, classic, and elegant. It blends in well with other equipment and furniture in all kinds of workspace giving you the best from your conference calls. 

Tru Wireless Series

The Strider Labs "Tru Wireless Series" is an answer to all these customer worries when it comes to choosing the best video conferencing hardware to work with their zoom conference or Microsoft teams video conference.

The speakerphones being completely wireless, can be kept anywhere in the room. It can also be passed on among the participants hassle-free. The option to have both 1080p as well as 4K video conference cameras provides an excellent opportunity for the customer to safeguard their investment in the future too

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A "Smile" can say 1000 words but what if you can't see me smiling. 

We assure you to show the world your beautiful smile & to hear your speech.

So next time when you meet "Switch on"  using Strider Labs and show the world the real you.

Are You Ready to step into the next wave of collaboration?

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