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Our Mission

We believe that people want to be heard, we believe that they would love to be seen but every time they are curious if they are seen and heard properly. We have a mission to make sure every user of ours switches on their camera as they talk with the assurance that they are seen and heard the way they want to be.


Strider Labs enhances communication and collaboration for organizations worldwide, from the Fortune 500 to startups, from enterprises to small & medium businesses and institutions. We design, develop, and sell conferencing & collaboration solutions through a global network of expert AV and IT practitioners who specify, install, and support our advanced hardware, software, apps, and cloud solutions.

From ad-hoc workspaces and mobile conferences to the largest meeting venues and boardrooms, Strider Labs is the best-in-class option for any industry or organization that relies on teamwork and collaboration to be successful.

Strider Labs is a global communication & collaboration company that powers organizations worldwide. We design, develop and sell conference solutions that help them to replicate face-to-face meeting experience by breaking the geographical barrier and finding the simplicity and beauty of human connection. 


From an individual to a group of people trying to connect and communicate with each other, we make sure that there is a solution for each and everyone out there


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If you are looking for a challenging role and an opportunity to do the best work of your career, consider joining our team and working with the industry's best. Be part of the company that is here to be the flag bearer of the change in the industry. 

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#1411, 20 Park Plaza

Boston, MA 02116, USA

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